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GEECOM your trusted provider of Environmental Protection Systems

With the global shift towards the securitisation of systems that aid in reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint, there is a growing consciousness towards the adoption of environmental control systems by industrial enterprises across the board.

It is against this backdrop that GEECOM, a Southern African leader in the supply and installation of control and mechanical components for dry and wet Electrostatic Precipitators has, for more than 37 years, been working with both large and medium sized industries to help them combat polluted air in their environment.  To date the company has helped more than 60 customers with their cleaner air policies by having completed over 200 projects.

“Having been personally involved in the Environmental Control industry for more than 45 years, I can honestly say that the need for these systems has never been as prevalent as it is now,” states Gustl Mischkulnig, managing director of GEECOM.

“There are a number of imminent regulations that will require that organisations approach a clean air policy within their business, this is driving the demand for systems that assist with the reduction of particulate emissions associated with industrial processes as well as combat the hazardous effects of air pollution,” he adds.

The Company

GEECOM prides itself in the provision of highly effective turnkey solutions that are tailor-made to meet the express needs of individual customers.  The company’s team of dedicated experts currently work with organisations in the cement, paper and pulp, steel, chemical and petrochemical, as well as metallurgical and power generation industries to name but a few.

“We achieve necessary results through the provision of products, systems and services related to the field of environmental control, that have been designed and built around solid know how and experience in this area.  We believe that we are able to assist customers in achieving their own goals – and become environmentally responsible companies,” states Gustl Mischkulnig.

With a geographical footprint that extends across the Southern African continent, GEECOM works with customers by defining their specific requirements through relevant needs analysis and solution architecting.  From design to installation, and then maintenance as well as related services of installed systems, the company is a trusted partner for customers looking to harness the power of Electrostatic Precipitators as well as other emission control devices.

A GEECOM solution

GEECOM provides individual or complete services for the construction and refurbishment of both dry and wet Electrostatic Precipitators.  Due to the sensitive nature of the build and design of these systems the most stringent quality controls need to be undertaken, and it is with this that GEECOM has secured an ISO9001-2015 certification, and a top Health & Safety rating by NOSA.

As a single source supplier of both mechanical and electrical systems, each product is designed and tailored for a client’s environment.  A GEECOM system or product will aid an organisation in the cleaning of air through the removal of a number of harmful particulates found in most industrial processes.

“All of our systems are designed and manufactured locally making use of our computerised design tools.  We ensure that every product we build is quality tested and checked before supplying to a client, and we achieve this through ongoing testing and the application of process models to ensure optimised operation of each product,” mentions Gustl Mischkulnig.

Apart from the standard products associated with air pollution control systems GEECOM has challenged the realms of electrostatics by introducing a modular and mobile unit for small plant application.  Standard products for broad-based use in large environments include innovative discharge and collector electrodes of the G-Spring and G-Spike variety, analogue / digital as well as microprocessor controllers, specialised rapping devices and mechanisms.

The Team

GEECOM employs only the best in their field and its team of engineers are all in environmental control technologies, services and associated products.  The company invests heavily in its people through ongoing training, mentorship and skills transfer.

Gustl Mischkulnig adds: “In our industry you need to remain ahead of the pack at all times, and you need to ensure that the products and services you supply deliver on their promise – there is simply no room for failure.  No one understands this better than the GEECOM team and we all pull together to develop and deliver innovative products that meet our customer’s exacting business needs.”

Each employee is required to buy-in to the four cornerstones of the business, that being: environmental awareness, quality, safety and health.  These values have been determined as a yardstick for customer service excellence and the development and delivery of quality products.  In addition to these cornerstones, GEECOM invests significant amounts of its annual profits into research and development initiatives.

To end

“There is no question that industry needs to adopt the use of environmental protection systems more aggressively, but with so many products in the market it may be difficult to settle on a single supplier.  My advice to organisations in the market for a solution is to select a partner with proven technologies, a solid track record, qualified customer sites, and years of experience under their belt,” ends Gustl Mischkulnig.

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