Members’ Spotlight: Betterect

Betterect was established by Martin Zechner in 1974. Martin is an Austrian citizen and began his career in Klagenfurt, Austria in 1964 as a boilermaker in the steel fabrication industry.

Fast forward nearly five decades, and Betterect is a highly successful and well-regarded industry leader, with Martin as the CEO, and his daughter, chemical engineer Nicolette Skjoldhammer at the helm as Managing Director (MD). The company currently employs over 250 people, throughout a range of steel fabrication-related disciplines and supporting functions such as design, detailing and in house painting and rubber lining.

“Our core business historically, was always solid-liquid separation equipment” explains Martin. “This set us apart from other fabricators in the industry as you require a wide range of knowhow covering structural steel, platework, machining operations, mechanical installation and turnkey site installation. This experience then enabled us to bring a high level of expertise into other industry areas ranging from the Food and Beverage industry to Minerals Processing Plants to Agriculture.”

Betterect had it’s humble beginnings in Chamdor Krugersdorp in a 50m2 factory. Still on the same premise forty-seven years later, and with the latest factory expansion under way, things are looking a little different.

“This will be our third major expansion in the last ten years” explains Nicolette, who is also the Chairman of the Board for the South African Institute of Steel Construction and a member of the interim Steel Oversight Council as appointed by Minister Ebrahim Patel, “the newest factory will increase our under-roof area to 13,500m2 at our head office. We are also operating out of a second premise in Chamdor with 14,000m2 underroof. This new space will allow us to have our in-house rubber lining services all under one roof and to expand our existing material cutting and processing capabilities.”

“With all the challenges that the last two years have thrown at the global economy and our local steel industry in particular, we are confident that our experience and capacity will ensure we are here in another forty seven years,” concludes Nicolette.

For more information about Betterect please visit their website.

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