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Betterect was established in 1974 by our founder and CEO Martin Zechner (Austrian), who started manufacturing process equipment (Thickeners, belt filters, filter presses etc) for European clients. As the year progressed we branched out into different types of process equipment, vessels, tanks, structural fabrication and on-site erection services for various other project and equipment houses.

Who is Betterect today

Betterect finds itself among the industry leaders in the complex fabrication sector and strives to provide its clients with fit-for-purpose solutions. Today Betterect has a presence in various countries like Botswana, Namibia, Zambia & Austria, but its Head office and manufacturing facilities are located in Krugersdorp, South Africa. Our fabrication activities are done from 2 premises located less than a kilometre away from each other in Krugersdorp South Africa.

17 Adcock Street

  • Underroof area: 13,500m2
  • Outside area: 18,500m2 (which is fully under tower crane reach)
  • Indoor lifting capacity: 40ton (4.6m under hook)
  • Outdoor lifting capacity: 160 ton via Tower and mobile cranes

44 Fransen street

  • Underroof area: 14,000m2
  • Outside area: 3,000m2
  • Indoor lifting capacity: 70ton (5.2m under hook)
  • Outdoor lifting capacity: 160 ton via Mobile cranes

Inhouse capabilities

  • Structural, tankages & vessel design;
  • Detailing of equipment, tanks and structures from client models (Solids works & Tekla suits);
  • Automated processing of plate and structural members;
  • Complete fabrication of equipment, structures, vessels and tanks (Betterect is ISO 3834 part 2 accredited);
  • Painting of fabricated parts (Sigma, Stoncor and Jotun approved applicator);
  • Rubber lining;(Rema approved applicator);
  • Ceramic lining;
  • On-site third-party NDE services;
  • Plant and equipment assemblies and test runs; and
  • Freight services for deliveries to site (DAP Incoterms)
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