Guest Article: The Adventures of Little Grey Squirrel and Friends

We are so proud to be telling you we have started with our rollout of our updated Early Childhood Development (ECD) Marimba Programme The Adventures of Little Grey Squirrel and Friends!

Four beautifully designed workbooks cover sixteen stories in the programme with eighteen songs that have been rewritten with new lyrics and simple piano accompaniment. The songs have been recorded by a small group of young singers. The programme comes with a modified marimba for small children and toys to help the educator tell the story and teach the children.

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The Adventures of Little Grey Squirrel and Friends makes learning music exciting to young learners and assists in their overall development by exposing them to music and movement early on in their lives.

The programme is even suitable for disabled children, and the Dominican School for the Deaf has already started implementing it with their preschool children! They are our first ECD Marimba Hub for preschool children with disabilities.

We are so proud that this programme is changing young lives and cannot wait to share it with more preschools in South Africa to help with Early Childhood Development in the country.

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