Guest Article: Empowering Communities through Women: Meet our ECD Trainees

Dear Friend of Education Africa,
It is often said that when you educate a woman, you educate a generation – and our Education Africa Early Childhood Development (ECD) project is proof of that.

After a grueling interview process to find the next group of ECD practitioners for our Education Africa ECD Teach the Teacher programme, we are proud to introduce you to our 113 ECD trainee students, who will end up positively impacting their communities. This group of students will be doing their 2-year SAQA NQF level 4 through Education Africa and will be trained by our 5 highly skilled ECD trainers, all incredible women who are supported by a quality assurance person, who is – yes you guessed it – our ECD Specialist leads a woman and her, yet another extremely talented woman. It doesn’t end there as Education Africa is a proud member of the Ntataise Network – a woman-run and driven organisation – as we utilise their ECD level course materials.

We have also started our Education Africa Trainer Intern programme, 5 alumni from our ECD NQF Level 4 graduates, all women, are now undertaking internship training and doing their NQF Level 5 through us. This programme will enable them, once graduated, to become highly skilled trainers.

Since Education Africa began offering ECD skills over a decade ago, we have trained 274 educators in ECD and an additional 164 educators in our nationally accredited training programme. Quality foundational education is essential if South Africa’s children are to be prepared for a meaningful, successful learning experience later in life. This is especially needed in under-resourced communities. Our woman-led ECD team hopes to fill that gap. They will each positively impact, on average, 2 225 children – and if you factor in that teaching careers usually last about 30-years – that means up to 254 250 children will benefit from our 2022/23 intake. Through their work of empowering caregivers, they’ll also be empowering communities.

Now, THAT is Woman Power!

To our 2022/23 ECD cohort, we wish you the best at Education Africa and we are looking forward to see you soar and positively impact your communities in the near future!

We’d also like to take this time to thank you all for your ongoing generous support, Education Africa is eternally grateful. Please continue to help us Make real change Happen and donate. Please note that this a 2-year free course to all participating students, enabling us to reach the most disadvantaged students in the communities that we are training.

Yours in Education,
James Urdang

This article was brought to you by Education Africa. A member of the Austrian Business Chamber.

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