An Unfinished Symphony – National Geographic/MIAGI Documentary Film

National Geographic Documentary Films, in association with the Nobel Peace Prize, is streamIng AN UNFINISHED SYMPHONY, a film about MIAGI ‘Music is a great Investment’ and its contribution to a cohesive society in South Africa.

AN UNFINISHED SYMPHONY is part of a series of short documentaries, directed by acclaimed Academy Award winner Orlando von Einsiedel, in partnership with the Nobel Prize, celebrating the ongoing legacy of selected Nobel Peace Prize laureates. This film features the legacy of Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Nelson Mandela.

The Non-Profit-Organisation MIAGI, Music is a great Investment, has offered a wide range of educational opportunities, equipping young South Africans to advance their life prospects. Similarly, the internationally celebrated MIAGI Orchestra unites young talents through excellence, creative cooperation and innovation across ethnic and social borders. An education and community centre, today known as the Morris Isaacson Centre for Music was established by MIAGI in collaboration with the Kaplan Kuschlick Foundation. A second MIAGI founded educational and cultural centre in a historically deprived settlement, ‘MIAGI Cultural Investment Centre Khayelitsha’, is in an advanced planning stage.

Music is a great Investment MIAGI
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