8 Austrians made it into the FORBES list – Red Bull Boss remains richest Austrian

8 Austrians made it into the FORBES list

The FORBES list is an annual ranking of the world’s billionaires. It measures and lists all wealthy people earning + 1 Billion US Dollars. The FORBES List is based on an estimated wealth taking company shares, real estates, art objects or luxury goods such as yachts into consideration.

This year we pride ourselves to inform you that 8 Austrians made it into the list. We also wish to advise the we have 2 newcomers for the 2016/2017 list.

The richest Austrian remains Red-Bull-Boss Dietrich Mateschitz with an estimated wealth of 13.4 Billion US Dollar. He is ranked at 84th rank (dropped from 64 to 86 in the previous year) but could increase his wealth from 13.2 Billion US Dollar to 13.4 Billion Us Dollar.

Dietrich Mateschitz – Red Bull Boss ranked as richest Austrian in Forbes List

The second richest Austrian is the founder if the Novomatic Gambling Company, Johann Graf, who unfortunately dropped from rank 144 to 194 due to a decrease of his wealth from 8 Billion US Dollar to 7.2 Billion US Dollar.

We congratulate Mr. Mateschitz and Mr. Graf to represent Austria in the FORBES TOP 400 List.

2 Newcomer – FORBES List

2 Newcomer made it into this year’s annual FORBES List. We welcome Georg Stumpf (ranked at 1376 with 1.5 Billion US Dollar) and Thomas Prinzhorn with 1.3 Billion US Dollar ranked at 1567.

Other rankings

• Department store heiress Heidi Horten has an estimated wealth of 2.8 Billion US Dollar and is ranked at 717
ANDRITZ CEO Wolfgang Leitner ranked at 1161 with an estimated wealth of 1.8 Billion US Dollar
• Shipowner Helmut Sohmen decreased his wealth from 2.3 Billion US Dollar to 1.8 Bn and is now ranked at 1161
• L’Occitane-Owner Reinold Geiger is now ranked at 1468 due to a loss

The Austrian Business Chamber in South Africa once again congratulates the 8 Austrians for their determination and hard work. We are proud that you represent us and our country in the FORBES list.

Source: APP-Online Tageszeitung

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