Komptech lands a major contract in Ghana – Austrian Companies in Africa

Environmental technology specialists Komptech have crowned their record-breaking anniversary year with the biggest ever contract in the company’s history.

Even Komptech themselves could not have come up with a better birthday present: winning their biggest commission ever during the firm’s 25th anniversary year. Over the next 12 months, the Austrian environmental technology specialists will deliver mobile domestic waste processing plants worth some EUR 13 million to their customer in Ghana.

Ghana and its approximately 30 million inhabitants had mounting problems with waste disposal for many years. Now, Komptech’s plants at five Ghanian refuse sites will allow reusable materials to be separated from the waste and recycled, for example producing compost for use in parks and along the roadside. The project is being run with Ghana’s Jospong Group, one of the country’s biggest firms.

Global market leaders Komptech’s 600 staff had already notched up a record financial year in 2017, with sales of EUR 115 million and an export ratio of some 95%. Approximately 30% of their turnover is now transacted in the USA alone, complemented by projects in the Middle East, Australia, India, Japan and South Africa, so the contract in Ghana is just the first step into an important developing market.

Komptech is one of the leading international technology providers for machinery and systems for the mechanical and biological processing of solid waste. Their product range includes 30 different types of plant, covering every stage of modern waste processing.

Source: Austrian Business Chamber

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