FAW puts the Upper Austrian business location on fast track

Chinese vehicle giant FAW puts the Upper Austrian business location on the international fast track.
FAW Jiefang, one of the biggest Chinese utility vehicle producers, will form a strong economic hub in the future in cooperation with the Federal Province of Upper Austria

The Chinese industrial group recently became a member of the Automotive Cluster and will open up its first European development centre in Steyr.

The parent company of FAW Jiefang in Asia ranks among the 125 biggest companies in the world and generated an export volume of about 3.5 million vehicles in the 2018 financial year. The lorry division of FAW Jiefang employs a staff of about 25,800 people and builds 336,000 heavy duty road vehicles every year. According to the company, annual revenue amounts to about EUR 8 billion.

FAW Jiefang CEO Zhu Qixin was impressed with Upper Austria as a business location. “For FAW Jiefang, the ongoing further development of the company when it comes to innovation combined with a strong research and development ratio are the guarantee of success. FAW Jiefang selected Upper Austria as a business location because we found an innovative automotive centre here”, CEO Zhu Qixin says.

FAW is also a proud Premium Member of the Austrian Business Chamber

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