Economic Data on Austria 2019

Economic Data on Austria 2019

The Statistical Yearbook 2019 published by the Austrian Economic Chambers offers latest key economic data, tables and graphs.

The Statistical Yearbook gives an overview of the performance of the most important economic indicators in the past year. As well as taking stock, it shows the medium and longer term trends, complemented by international comparisons for the key indicators.

Selected statistics on the structure and performance of the Austrian economy allow the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO) to provide fundamental data.

The Statistical Yearbook contains informative tables and graphs, international overviews and comparisons, data on national accounts, population, employment, industry sectors, corporate structure, foreign trade, etc.

The Yearbook is published once a year in May in order to ensure seamless availability as far as possible. The brochure’s international comparisons are also based on the very latest data and forecasts.

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