Clothing that fits properly, using 3D body scans – Powered by Twinster

Based in the Upper Austrian capital of Linz, twinster’s innovative business model promises to make buying clothes that don’t fit properly a thing of the past.

Looking for trousers that fit is like searching for the holy grail; it’s frustrating and time-consuming, and you often end up finding nothing at all. Sourcing clothes that are a good fit and the right size is a particular challenge in sales or when buying from online shops.

The founders of twinster GmbH have developed an algorithm based on 3D body scans that enables them to identify the correct clothes size of end users. Buyers first have to answer questions about their height, weight and age, and the algorithm then suggests the correct size for each individual item of clothing – thus putting an end to frustration and uncertainty.

The result is that sellers have to deal with fewer returns and costs are minimised, while the conversion rate in web shops is also increased.

The algorithm has also been available to end users via the free ShowMySize app since 2019, allowing users to the questions and then click through to partner brands directly in the app, search for items of clothing and shop for the right sizes.

Rooted in Upper Austria – used around the world: 2019 saw Upper Austria’s Export Center OÖ join forces for the second time with hub,ert, the Upper Austrian non-profits network, and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in search of the best international start-ups. From all the applications, 15 from Upper Austria won awards in the Hottest International Start-ups category.

Original Article: Austrian Trade Commission

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