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Austria’s car industry: The international automotive sector is characterised by the intensive links between its individual companies, and Austria plays a major role as a manufacturer and supplier of vehicles, components and automotive technology.

Austria has established itself as a powerhouse in developing and creating innovative mobility solutions in the car industry. Thanks to its strategically favourable location in the heart of Europe, the Alpine republic has proved an extremely attractive location for international automotive companies – and Austria’s high productivity and highly-skilled workforce are also considered valuable assets.

The Austrian automotive industry has close ties with the global market through its imports and exports. Austria offers large car manufacturers and investors an extensive network of excellent domestic suppliers that have assured themselves a place in the top flight through intensive research, innovation and a commitment to producing only the highest quality.

As a whole, the automobile sector, from production (including companies in the supply chain) through dealerships to the repair trade, is one of Austria’s five biggest industrial sectors. It employs some 71,000 people in more than 700 companies and has an annual turnover of EUR 43 billion, with an average export ratio around 90%.

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Original Article: Austrian Trade Commission

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