Austria’s agriculture and forestry industries are global role models for the future

Austria’s companies in this sector are beacons of sustainability, and their expertise has earned them a reputation as international pioneers.

Austria’s agricultural and forestry industries are competitive and multifunctional. The country’s unique agricultural and mountain landscape is primarily tended by family-run firms, whose production methods provide the population with high quality foods while at the same time preserving natural resources. That’s an important part of dealing with climate change, since smaller-scale agricultural units tend to promote a more sustainable style of farming and forestry.

Austria leads the EU here, with almost a quarter of its arable land farmed organically.

Austria recently recorded 2019 agricultural exports of more than EUR12 billion, and the forestry and lumber industry is similarly export-orientated. Downstream industrial sectors (especially the sawmill, treated timber, paper and cellulose industries) and manufacturers of wood-based products play an important role here. A focus on high-quality niche products, being able to identify provenance, and showcasing regional products are elements of a clear quality strategy to encourage further growth.

As in other sectors, Austria boasts real expertise in the forestry and timber industries – from training and vocational courses to machinery, modules, tools, automation and even health and safety.

Both sectors are facing growing global and climate-related challenges, and measures to mount an appropriate response include specialisation and innovation in manufacturing techniques for agricultural machinery and automation, along with digitalisation of agricultural production processes. In the forestry and timber sector, there is particular international demand in areas like  low-impact tree-felling, natural forest management and multi-functional forestry systems.

Further information on the key players, along with hints and tips for business cooperation, is available in the current edition of our publication FRESH VIEW.

Source: Austrian Trade Commission

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