Mission Statement


ABC Mission Statement

The Austrian Business Chamber (ABC) is a Non Profit Company in South Africa founded in 1996. This body is dedicated to the representation and support of the interests of the Austrian Business People and Companies in South Africa as well as the general South African business sector with Austrian ties and connections.

We focus on providing specialised services to our members and are offering structured activities. The main emphasis is on networking and the facilitation of business contacts.

The membership base consists of individuals and companies, from small local companies to large, international groups, all with an Austrian connection or Austrian foundations.

Our strong member base is at the core of our ability to assist, promote and enhance the business interests of our members in South Africa as well as beyond the South African borders in the neighbouring countries, but also internationally and in the European Union in particular.

The Austrian Business Chamber works in close liaison with the AUSTRIAN EMBASSY, THE AUSTRIAN CONSULATE and THE AUSTRIAN TRADE COMMISSION, Johannesburg where the ABC is headquartered.

The ABC maintains close ties with other Bi-Lateral Chambers in South Africa to ensure regular exchange of information and networking opportunities. It also actively participates in issues requiring representations and lobbying to Government and its Angencies.


The ABC strives to be the respected and formal “voice of business” for its members in South Africa.

We provide

  • Networking opportunities with companies in AUSTRIA and SOUTHERN AFRICA
  • Information concerning companies, products, services and technology
  • Publications on new products, services and technology
  • Invitations to trade delegations, exhibitions, trade fairs, functions, presentations, and other business events
  • Business inquiries on request
  • Active Web Page which aims to establish a network with business organisations on a worldwide basis
  • regular monthly meetings with its members and business associates at a variety of venues
  • Regular updates on the South African Economy and the legislative framework
  • Newsletter



  • Presentations & Workshops
  • Sundowner Networking Events
  • Business Lunches with prominent Guest Speakers
  • Business Case Studies
  • Weekend Networking Trips
  • Annual “Heurigen” Event
The ABC held the following functions and events in 2015/2016
30th September 2015Luncheon Dr. Rob Davies – Minister of Trade and IndustryBalalaika Hotel, Sandton
5th  November 2015ABC Investment WorkshopCapital Empire Hotel
19th January 2016ABC Sundowner with EU Head of Delegation Marcus CornaroBalalaika Hotel, Sandton
18th February 2016ABC Roedl and Partner Capitals Gains Tax workshopThe Codfather , Sandton
3rd March 2016Budget Presentation with Dawie RoodtThe Codfather, Sandton
7th April 2016ABC 20th Anniversary PartySaxon Hotel
19th May 2016ABC Annual General Meeting with Guest Speaker Gauteng Premier David MakhuraBalalaika Hotel, Sandton
10th June 2016ABC Annual Golf DayHoughton Golf Club
22nd June 2016Cruising SundownerCruising International
28th July 2016ABC Winter SundownerBalalaika Hotel, Sandton
1st September 2016ABC Networking with Max Boxquana followed by SundownerFaircity Quartermain , Sandton
3rd October 2016ABC Networking with Ian Ollis – how parliament worksBalalaika Sandton
3rd November 2016ABC Luncheon with Moeletsi MbekiWoodmead Country Club
23rd November 2016Dawie Roodt – the ecomonics of demographicsBalalaika , Sandton